Welcome to FUN RUN 2023!

Our Fun Run event will be held on Friday,  March 17th. On the day of our event, our TK through 4th grade students will participate in a Bubble Run and our students in grades 5 through 8 will participate in the crazy-messy but much loved Color Run! All proceeds support our students and our school in tremendous ways! This year's goal is $50,000 - let's do this!

2023 FUN RUN Information and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fun Run?
The All Saints Fun Run is the largest annual fundraising event for our school. This event aims and delivers engaging and fun activities promoting character, physical fitness, and community cohesion while raising funds for our school community.

How does the Fun Run work?
Students will run laps on campus this year. TK through 4th grade will have a Bubble Run. Grades 5 through 8 will have a Color Run.

What is this year’s Fun Run theme?
Your students are going to absolutely love Grand Land Adventure. The newest character theme will inspire students to activate their character and live an active lifestyle. Watch the fun trailer above for more details.

What are the dates of the Fun Run?
The program kicks off with a Pep Rally on Monday, March 6, 2023 and the Fun Run event will take place on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Does my student(s) have to participate?
This annual school fundraiser is a mandatory fundraiser. Every student must participate and collect a minimum of $300 in pledges which is just 10 pledges of $1/per lap. The most effective method of getting pledges has been to share the Student Star video either via Facebook, email and/or text messaging. Please note: This fundraiser is asking families to participate and collect pledges, not pay for this out of pocket.

How can parents register their student(s)?
Registering for the Fun Run is easy! Simply go to MyBooster.com. Then, parents can register their student as a participant by searching for All Saints Catholic School. Students get a FREE prize just for registering.

How do I create a Student Star video for my student?
All you need to do is log into your account at MyBooster.com. Click "upload picture". Once the picture is uploaded, the Student Star video will automatically be created and sent to you via email. Once you receive the email, share away and watch the pledges pour in!

What is a pledge and how can students get pledges?
A pledge is simply a promise the sponsor will either pay a certain amount for each minute the student completes during the virtual Fun Run or pay a flat donation towards the student. For example: $1 per lap = $30 to $35. Once your student is registered, students can create and share their own video. Parents can help connect students to sponsors by sharing their video pledge link on Facebook, through email, or even a text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those pledges online through your student’s pledge link!

Can I use my employer’s company match program for the Fun Run?
In most cases, YES! Although All Saints Catholic School is a religious institution, the funds donated are applied to non religious programs and/or services. E.g., academic curriculum for science, math, technology, community service projects, safety programs, etc.

When should I submit my matching gift request?
There’s no better time than right now! Some companies distribute company matching funds right away, while others disburse them once a quarter. Contact Ms. Diaz for assistance, [email protected].

How do students earn prizes?
Students earn prizes by getting pledges. Beginning on Monday March 6, 2023 through Thursday March 16, 2023, we will issue nightly challenges encouraging students to get pledges and win prizes!

How will my student receive their prizes?
Prizes will be distributed at school daily to the students.

Can students receive a prize for flat donations?
Yes! All flat donations count toward pledges and are rounded by 30 (the average student will be active). So, a $30 donation is the same as $1 per lap. A $60 donation is the same as $2 per lap, etc.

How does my student earn the exclusive All Saints Sweatshirt?
Each “student" who achieves $450 in pledges will win this year’s All Saints Sweatshirt. That’s just 13 $1/per lap pledges. So, if every student got 1 $1/per lap pledge every day during the two week event, the sweatshirt is theirs!

How do sponsors pay their pledge?
When sponsors pledge they will be prompted to pay online for their pledge. Sponsors will receive an email after the Fun Run with the amount of their payment based on how many minutes were recorded.

Can my student get a pledge offline?
If sponsors are unable to pledge online, students can still accept pledges. Please contact Ms. Diaz at [email protected] so she can assist with this process. We want to ensure students earn their prizes!

Can donors write a check?
Yes! Checks can be made payable to All Saints Catholic School and mailed to 22870 Second Street, Hayward, CA 94541. Attention: Fun Run. Please do not mail cash.

Is All Saints Catholic School a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit?
Yes! The school’s Tax ID is 94-2996997 Is the pledge donation tax deductible? In most cases, yes! Please consult with your tax advisor for confirmation.