Community Outreach at All Saints Catholic School

Below are just a few examples of how our students are leaders in community service.

CRS Rice Bowl Grant

Our student community as a whole brings lunches for the needy in the 3H program every Tuesday. Our younger set in 3rd grade saw that there wasn't always enough to go around due to the increased amount of people in need, and took the initiative to do something about it. They came together with their teachers and parents to make extra lunches once a month. For two consecutive years our 3rd grade class, has received a grant from CRS Rice Bowl to assist in purchasing the items they need to make the additional lunches. At the CRS Grant Ceremony, Bishop Barber was quoted, "Again this year, I'm happy to see we're providing funds to the third-grade class at All Saints Catholic School in Hayward," he said. "so they can purchase food, sandwich makings, fruit, chips carrots, cookie dough and water — I like their choice — for the students to make lunches for those in need who come to their parish for a weekly meal." Last year's grant, he said, was put to good use. "Their teacher reported to us once students, parents and parish community learned that the class had received a grant, a number of adults got more involved in the ministry, primarily through donations of food." ----Bishop Barber ​


One chilly October several years ago, our 4th graders decided to help those in need by holding a sock drive for the month. They helped engage everyone's participation in this project by reaching out to both the school and the church communities, posting special messages on our social media, renaming the month of October to "Socktober", and even having a special day where students and staff were invited to wear their craziest socks ever for the day. There was an overwhelming response to this project and the class collected well over 300 pairs of socks in under two weeks.​ The socks were included in the 3H lunches our students make and were sent to those in need during a 3H/Tuesday Breakfast service. Every year since, our students have continued the tradition.

Time for Tarps

Our 5th grade students spearheaded the Time for Tarps service project. The goal was to provide tarps for some of our homeless Hayward neighbors. With the weather being very stormy, tarps are a necessary item for many. Each student was asked to donate $1, if possible, to the cause. The money would be used by the Tuesday Morning Breakfast group and the Parish St. Vincent de Paul Society to purchase tarps for the homeless. The class reached out to the parish and school communities through newsletters and social media. The response was overwhelming with $435 being donated before the end of the month. A check was presented to the Parish's Tuesday Morning Breakfast Group during a special morning flagpole service.